Current Group Members


Michael Sharkey (postdoctoral researcher)

Mike joined the group in April 2017, having completed a PhD and several years of postdoctoral research in Biochemistry in University College Dublin.  He has extensive experience in enzymology, protein engineering and assay development.  His work in the O’Reilly Group is focused on the identification of novel bacterial transaminases with activity towards industrially-relevant targets. His project is in collaboration with CHAIN biotech.


James Ryan (postdoctoral researcher)

James completed his PhD in 2017 at Manchester Metropolitan University . He moved to the University of Nottingham in October 2017 to work on a project funded by the EPSRC Catalysis Hub that is jointly supervised by Elaine and Prof. John Blacker at the University of Leeds. He will work on transferring some of our recently developed biocatalytic methodology into continueous flow.

Amalina picture.jpg

Amalina Mohd Amin (PhD student)

Amalina Mohd Amin began her PhD in 2014 and is jointly supervised by Prof. Pete Licence. Her research focuses on the immobilization of transaminase biocatalysts using polymerizable ionic liquids with the aim of generating robust enzymes for suitable for a range of organic chemistry and industrial applications.


Andrew Gomm (PhD student)

Andrew joined the group in September 2015 after completing his degree here at Nottingham. The project will focus on the application of transaminase biocatalysts in organic synthesis with a particular focus on developing enzymes for industrial processes.


Stelios Grigoriou (PhD student)

Stelios joined the group in September 2015, having completed his MsC at the University of Athens. His research aims to construct a multi-bacterial structure, which mimics flow chemistry processes, and is capable of supplying a substrate, producing biocatalysts and trapping a high-value product. Stelios is jointly supervised by Elaine, Dr Phil Hill (Biosciences) and Prof John King (Mathematics).

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Tom Clarke (PhD student)

Tom joined the group in 2015. He is a member of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sustainable Chemistry here at Nottingham and his research is centered on the development of chemo-enzymatic processes for the conversion of low-value, renewable platform molecules into high-value chemicals.


Chris Peel (PhD student)

Chris joined our group in April 2016 as part of the EPSRC CDT in Sustainable Chemistry, having completed his MSci in Chemistry here at Nottingham. His PhD project will explore the use of multi-enzyme cascades to furnish industrially relevant scaffolds starting from biomass-derived platform chemicals.



 Harry Eastman

Harry Eastman was born in Portsmouth and did his undergraduate degree at the University of Surrey.  Harry's PhD research involves traditional total synthesis (with Prof. John Moses) and development of chemo-enzymatc routes to valuable chiral compounds (Dr. E. O'Reilly and Dr Anca Pordea).


Justyna Kuska

Justyna completed an MSc in Biology-Biotechnology at the University of Copenhagen, where she worked on the development of a LPMO enzymatic assay and evaluation of it's activity.  Prior to that, Justyna studied Biotechnology in her native Poland. In September 2016, she joined the BBSRC's Doctoral Training Programme at the University of Nottingham and in April 2017, she joined our group to embark on her PhD studies. Justyna's project focuses on the development of imine reductases with entirely new substrate specificity. 


Freya Taday

Freya joined the group in September 2017, after completing her MSci in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. Her research will focus on development of the development of biocatalytic routes to high-value compounds.


Rachel Szpara

Rachel is currenly working towards her MSci in Chemistry. Her project focuses on the synthesis of high-value chiral molecules using transaminase biocatalysts. She is currently synthesising a number of novel substrates for screening.


Ryan Cairns

Ryan Joined the group in September 2017 as an iCASE student, having completed an MSci at the University of Bristol. His project is in partnership with BASF an involves developing enzymes with activity on renewable substrates.


Gabriel Bryson (MSci Student)

Gabriel is originally from Northern Ireland and came to Nottingham to study for a MSci in natural Sciences. His MSci project focuses on the expression of novel transaminases of industrial interest.

Previous Group Members


Vera Salgado (summer placement student)

During the summer of 2016